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  • Date de sortie: 2020
  • : Youssef Tawil, Ahmed Elmir, Yacine Elgorda, Rabii Kati, Habib Kadi, Moussa Maaskri, Mustapha Abourachid, Mehdi Damir, Rachel Khan, Farid Elouardi
  • Genre/s: Drame
  • Durée
    100 min
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Synopsis du film:

Rachid, a young teenager who survives in Morocco, he Boxing in clandestine fights with the energy of despair, he fights every day to raise the money needed to pay a smuggler to take him, he and his two friends, Salek and "Low" on the other side of the Strait. The journey begins in Casablanca “Morocco”, continues in Tangier “Morocco”. There they will board a "patera" (a boat) that cross the sea at night and wrecked...


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