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Spider-Man : Far from home Streaming

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Spider-Man : Far from home

  • Date de sortie: 2019
  • Acteur: Tom Holland, Jake Gyllenhaal, Zendaya, Jon Favreau, Samuel L. Jackson, Marisa Tomei, Jacob Batalon, Angourie Rice, Tony Revolori, Remy Hii
  • Genre: Action, Aventure, Science Fiction
  • Durée
    129 min
Moyenne: 7.6 (4497 votes)
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Synopsis du film :

Spider-Man Far From Home.

Marvel Studios begins phase four with the premiere of Spider-Man Far From Home; who opens a new cliché, a deep restructuring from its foundations, that we will see in this new stage of Marvel, which despite conserving many of its characters lets go to the most emblematic and significant on which he built his entire universe.

The acclaimed Kevin Feige, will be responsible for producing together with director Jon Watts, the perfect bridge to carry out a perfect transition between the events of Avengers End Game and the start of Phase Four.

This film is full of details and clear signs that will allow fans to deduce what the powerful franchise will initially take, since the next Marvel premiere is scheduled for May two thousand and twenty and would be the story of Natasha Romanoff, Black Widow. Spider-Man Far From Home, incorporates actors such as Samuel L. Jackson, Cobie Smulders and Jake Gyllenhaal into the cast, the latter would be making his debut within the MCU as Quentin Beck and his alter ego Mysterio.

The young Parker is greatly affected by the death of his mentor and friend Tony Stark, who sacrifices his life to save the world and end Thanos and his army. However, he continues to fulfill his hero's task protecting the city of New York.

The young arachnid is saturated and wants to resume part of his life, so he decides to take a well-deserved vacation and participate in a tour of Europe organized by the secondary; Happy Hoggan asks you to think better, but it is already decided, the arachnid hero will be out of service for a few weeks.

Meanwhile, in a small town in Mexico, Nick Fury and agent Maria Hill fight a giant monster made of earth that destroys the place at pleasure, when suddenly a subject appears flying with great power that manages to defeat him easily; This is presented as Quentin Beck, and explains that the earth giant is one of the elementals; and that the activation of the gems of the infinite opened an interdimensional portal that connects the earth with its world.

On his way back to Europe, Peter and his companions arrive in Venice, Italy, where they enjoy the beautiful canals and beautiful squares, upon arriving at the hotel room, Fury knocks down Need by applying a powerful sedative and holds an interesting conversation with the young Parker , to whom he gives Tony's glasses, which have an artificial intelligence system called EDITH, he controls all the data of Stark industries, including a gigantic arsenal that orbits the earth, multiple satellites and of course the Iron Man protocol.

The young arachnid is very confused, he feels honored to succeed the great Tony Stark, but at the same time he feels that he is not prepared for such a great responsibility.

The next day, Hydro, the Elemental who controls the water attacks the Italian city, Mysterio appears and fights the monster, while Spider-Man makes his grand entrance and supports the new superhero, both defeat the creature and Fury wants to reunite them.

Peter wants to return to his old way of life, does not want to be part of a new initiative and believes that Beck is the one for the Fury project; and the latter will do everything possible to change his mind, so he arbitrarily redirects the school trip where the Fire Elemental is expected to attack.

But what Fury does not suspect is that this Quentin Beck is a fake, he is nothing more than a former employee of Stark Industries expert in holographic illusions, which has a group of furious engineers with a desire for revenge.

Peter will have the difficult task of neutralizing Mysterio and ending the farce of the Elementals, for this he must face and accept his destiny, and what his mentor left prepared for him.

Critique du film

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Jon Watts

casting d'acteurs

Tom Holland es Peter Parker / Spider-Man
Peter Parker / Spider-Man
Jake Gyllenhaal es Quentin Beck / Mysterio
Quentin Beck / Mysterio
Zendaya es Michelle "MJ" Jones
Michelle "MJ" Jones
Jon Favreau es Harold "Happy" Hogan
Harold "Happy" Hogan
Marisa Tomei es May Parker
May Parker
Jacob Batalon es Ned Leeds
Ned Leeds
Angourie Rice es Betty Brant
Betty Brant
Tony Revolori es Eugene "Flash" Thompson
Eugene "Flash" Thompson
Remy Hii es Brad Davis
Brad Davis
Martin Starr es Mr. Harrington
Mr. Harrington
J.B. Smoove es Mr. Dell
Mr. Dell
Jorge Lendeborg Jr. es Jason Ionello
Jason Ionello
Cobie Smulders es Maria Hill
Maria Hill
Numan Acar es Dimitri

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